Monday, April 21, 2014

"Is there anybody out there?"*

   Yes, hello, I’m still alive.
   But just barely.
   Just kidding. I’m fine and all my problems continue to be first world problems: I didn’t get enough sleep, my hair looks weird, my projects in school are hard, the boy I like hasn’t texted, etc. So, essentially, I have the same exact problems I had in high school except for now I have a smart phone so I can agonize about the lack of texts even while I'm having fun and my skin is slightly (SLIGHTLY) better. Then again I’m decidedly heavier than I was when I was waiting for phone calls in high school.
   Sigh out loud.
   Truly, I feel I’m writing tonight because I have to have an outlet to whine about all those pesky problems I manage to wrangle out of everyday life. I’m being utterly irresponsible for writing anything not school related right now. But I just gotta “dear diary” for a few minutes, you know?
   And now, that said, I pretty much have to go back to the ol’ grindstone, though I’m not putting my nose to it because I’m still a lady, after all. So I guess this isn’t much of a post.
   But I am alive, and I will be finished with school (for the summer, mind you) in mere weeks. And then prepared to be bombarded with all the crap I haven’t had time to write (or complain about) in months. I miss all the bitching, don’t you?
   Hang tight, dear reader (hi, Mom!). I got lots to tell you about.
*Pink Floyd (duh).