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"Well, what exactly is... 'a water landing'? Am I mistaken, or does this sound somewhat similar to crashing into the ocean?"*

Marcy and Me Part II
            This is the continuation of the story of my first flight home for Thanksgiving which I mention here.
            Marcy received her first glass of chardonnay and I got my tomato juice strait up, and we went right back to talking about the Union Pacific Railroad.
            It was fascinating stuff. Marcy had been working for them for a good ten years (she was one of those women who looks like she’s 45 but is probably only in her early 30’s) and she had lots of great stories.
            She asked me why I no longer lived in Omaha and I explained that I was in college, and she thought that was a good plan. I was pleased that I was pleasing her—I’ve always been overly concerned with strangers’ opinions.
            Marcy explained that she wished she didn’t live in Omaha, but her mother lived there and wanted her to stay in town, since she’s an only child (unless you count her pathetic, unsuccessful brother) so she felt kind of obligated to never move.
            I said my parents were adamant that I attend college at least 500 miles away from Omaha (this is true—they didn’t want me trying to come home on weekends; and they were smart because I totally would have) and she thought that was cool.
            She said her mother was all alone in the world since her father had died, and if Marcy—her only child (aside from the brother who didn’t seem that important)—didn’t stick around, her mother would be a wreck.
            During this time, Marcy leaned further and further into my personal area. She wasn’t being rude—she was on her third glass of complimentary chardonnay and feeling friendly. I unfortunately (?) was still downing my first glass of tomato juice and couldn’t quite wrap my head around being in kissing distance from a stranger.
            And then things got sort of personal.
            “So, do you have a boyfriend?”
            “No, I don’t.”
            It’s funny, when you’re extremely young and have had boyfriends and aren’t too worried about eventually having them again, it’s so easy to be honest and say, “No, I don’t have a boyfriend.”
            (I mean, at that point you think you’re going to live forever and date princes and movie stars and then eventually settle for a sweet, organic farmer who plays the guitar and writes Nobel Prize-winning novels in his spare time. Right?)
            Marcy sat in my face for a moment, breathing her firewater breath into my face. She sighed heavily.
            “Um…do you?” I asked.
            “Yeah. And oh my God, it’s the hottest relationship of my entire life.”
            She leaned back into her seat as though she truly needed a moment to think about how sexy her boyfriend was and how to best describe how truly “hot” her relationship was to a stupid college freshman who was reading The Voyeur and sipping tomato juice like an idiot.
            “Wow, that’s really great,” I said. I waited.
            “Can I tell you what happened, though?” Marcy asked.
            “Of course! I mean, sure, obviously.”
            I was in one of those moments where I feel somehow that I’m watching something sick and twisted—something I shouldn’t be seeing. It is in these moments that I feel a kind of perverted euphoria. Always have.
            “I don’t know what’s going to happen with us. I mean, have you ever had a sexual experience so intense that things got…out of control?”
            I pretended like I was trying really hard to remember a life rife with crap loads of sexual experiences, and I busted out some sweet acting skills. I furrowed my brow and bit my lip.
            “Not…not really. I mean, god, my life’s been so crazy. It’s hard to pick a time when I wasn’t out of control. Sexually. You know?” I just talked and talked.
            Around this time the flight attendant refilled Marcy’s chardonnay glass for the third time. Marcy took a large, thoughtful swig and leaned into me.
            “You wanna hear a story?” She hissed alcohol into my ear.
            “Yes. Yeah, I do.”
            “Okay, so my boyfriend—his name is Greg and he’s so perfect. I mean, I think he really loves me. We’ve only been dating for a few months but I can already tell he isn’t like other guys.”
            “He sounds terrific,” I tried to keep my words simple—I didn’t want Marcy to get sidetracked.
            “And he came over and things were getting a little, you know, crazy in the bedroom. And I have these three dogs…”
            She leaned away from me out of her seat to look for the flight attendant. The newest glass of wine had disappeared quickly.
            “Yeah, Marcy? What kind of dogs?” I wanted to keep the story going. I was enthralled. And a little bit nauseated.
            “Um, well one’s a German shepherd and the other two are mutts. Where’s that flight attendant?”
            “Well, keep telling the story. I’m sure she’ll be here soon.”
            “Okay, so anyway. Greg and I were doing it when suddenly he got this great idea that he wanted to do it, you know...that way.”
            “Which way?” I didn't really know what we were talking about.
            “You know. That way. Like…" She whispered. "Like...doggie style!”
            “Oh, goodness,” I responded. Doggie style. Interesting. I made a mental note to look that up.
            “And so we closed the bedroom door so the dogs couldn’t get in, because Greg hates the dogs and they’re crazy. And anyway, we started going at it and—“
            “More wine, ma’am?” the flight attendant appeared with the bottle.
            “Oh, yes. Thank you!” Marcy swigged at her fresh wine.
            The flight attendant walked on and Marcy, with her new glass, started relating the story with a clearer focus.
            “So he’s going at me from behind--" (aha! I thought!)--"when suddenly, SNAP! His penis hits my pubic bone and—whoosh! There’s blood all over the place! He’d fractured his urethra! Can you believe it?” She looked at me with a sick, foggy smile.
            “What?! Oh my god! Wait, what happened?”
            “Well the blood’s going everywhere and Greg’s screaming in pain and so I call the paramedics! And then I’m running all over the house trying to get him towels and ice and the dogs get into the bedroom and they’re leaping all over him and I just don’t know what to do!”
            “Wait, are you telling me he broke his…?”
            “Yes, he broke his penis. It was terrible. And then, when the paramedics arrived and knocked on the door I realize, oh shit, I’m still naked!”
            “A man can break his penis?” I felt sure I would’ve heard about this before.
            “And so I have to put clothes on and corral the dogs into the kitchen so the firemen can come help Greg!”
            “Oh, Jesus!”
            “Yeah, it was really intense.”

I should stop here. This story is getting much too long, though it is almost over. If you’re still with me, many thanks! If you want to hear the end of Marcy, let me know. It’s pretty close to being over anyway. I may rewrite this at a later date. Smooches!

*Quote from, yet again, George Carlin.

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