Thursday, June 7, 2012

"I feel like my whole life is wing night."*

    Today is my 7 month blog-aversary. Which makes this the longest relationship I've ever been in. Score!

    I haven’t been feeling very amused this week (not because I'm in a long-term relationship with my blog, just because). I’ve been sitting on my couch eating salted caramels, doing the crossword puzzle, and watching The X-Files this evening (and most of this afternoon). And all of those things make me feel kind of lazy and guilty. And the caramels make me feel like my teeth are rotting out of my face. But what I don’t feel is very funny. Or very much like writing.
    So I thought I’d share some things other people I admire and/or know have written. You can go look at their blogs and videos and be entertained until I get my sense of humor back. It’s around here somewhere, I just gotta find it.

    Here are things I like:

1. Army Wife Style
    I stumbled upon this blog (not actually via Stumble Upon, but just 'cause I was spending an inordinate amount of time surfing--the web, not the ocean) and I think it's hilarious. Now anyone who's read my blog knows that just because I find something funny doesn't mean it is funny (of course, I don't believe that but I had to put it out there), but this chick is such a hoot. I think technically she's supposed to have a lifestyle/mommy blog, but it's way more entertaining than that. Check out her list of "Stuff I Hate" to get an idea of what you're dealing with. Awesome.

2. Love is Like Egg
    And then there's my friend Suzy, who made some Jack Handy-esque videos on Funny or Die. They're super quick to watch and they're pretty awesomely funny. Here's one called Love is Like Egg. I wanted to upload the actual video onto the page so you didn't have to go anywhere, but I can't figure it out and my hands and brain are getting tired of trying.

3. My Buddy Patrick the Droll
    Pat has a blog that's good for chuckling. Seriously funny (I love that expression. Get it? Because it's an oxymoron! Like jumbo shrimp!). Anyway, this is it.

3.4. (I can't think today) Hyperbole and a Half
    One of my favorite humor blogs is Hyperbole and a Half, but Allie Brosh who writes/draws it is out of commission at the moment writing her soon-to-be-published book/dealing with heinous depression.
From Hyperbole and a Half. Allie Brosh's most recent post on being sad.

    Ah, yes, living the dream. It's the same story with every blogger. You start out with nothing. Then the fame sweeps you off your feet and everyone wants a piece of you but it doesn't matter 'cause you're on top of the world and nothing can bring you down. The next thing you know you've got a needle in your arm, your head in the toilet and a dead hooker in your hotel room. Blogging. It's dangerous, folks. Only the toughest survive. But seriously, Allie's website is truly incredible, so read all the archives until she comes back.

    And in the meantime, while you're cheating on me with other blogs, I'll keep sitting here and trying to think about what to write. But honestly, I'm just not feeling it this week. I might be back over the weekend, but I might also be busy sitting and staring at the floor.

*Quote courtesy of my bff, Emily. She gets it.

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