Wednesday, February 29, 2012

"And he's trading in his Chevy for a Cadillac-ac-ac-ac-ac!"*

Moving Day Part II          
       It’s my first night in my new apartment and I’m a little sad. Mostly I’m tired and overwhelmed from moving, but I’m also a little sad. Also I’m pissed off because I can’t find my TV cord, so I can’t watch anything and my internet isn’t set up yet, so this definitely won’t get posted until tomorrow. But still…I’m a little sad. So, I’m a mixed bag. I’m taking pictures as I make progress on what is currently a ferocious pigsty, so I will show you what’s up with my new crib as I progress.(Yeah, I really can't pull off "crib," can I?)

        The good news is there is a crap-load of hummingbirds outside my window and that seems like a good omen.

        Bad news is I don’t yet have screens on the window the hummingbirds enjoy, so part of me is terrified that one will fly in and be my “pet” until it dies because I can’t get it back outside.


        I’m back. More good news: my kitchen is pretty much ready to roll!

        See, look:

Kitchen before.

Kitchen after. I suck at photography. And so does my cell phone.

        And, yet more bad news: I forgot to talk to the gas company so I don’t have hot water yet. Oops.


        And yet more good news: I have the Interwebs in my apartment.

        But allow me to follow that up with more bad news: I don’t have a wireless router (despite having purchased at least 4 over the last 8 years) and now I have to do all web-related activity on the floor by my TV. Sigh. Gonna have to add "router" to the list of things I have to re-purchase.

        I’m clearly horrible at moving. I did cancel some old stuff and set up some new stuff, so things are getting in shape.

        I also asked the building manager, Sir Robert the Long-Winded (or, alternatively, Robert Runs at the Mouth, if we’re going Native American), to clean up the vomit in the parking space next to mine, and he did it! Of course, I’d rather live in a building where people don’t puke in the garage, but we can’t have everything.

        Also in the good news column: there was a guy in the elevator with me on Saturday who was dressed like a rabbit with sunglasses. He was nice and friendly (and who could wear a rabbit suit and not be friendly?) and explained that he was doing a music video. So I felt comforted to know that he didn’t dress like a bunny all the time, though that would have been kind of cool in a Donnie Darko sort of way. And I saw him in normal life yesterday and he’s kind of attractive. Bonus! He probably plays one of the lamer instruments, though, because it’d be hard to play anything cool with rabbit hands (paws?). But then again, at least we know he’s not the keyboardist! But maybe he plays the tambourine. Or the harmonica. (The harmonica is way worse, because people who play it are convinced it's a real instrument.) Ugh.

        And one last burst of good news: TV cord has been located, so my life on the couch can continue as planned.

        Alrighty, I should sign off since I should really spend some time enjoying what's left of Leap Day, 2012.

 *"Movin' Out (Anthony's Song)" by Billy Joel.

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